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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Physical Activity

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Let’s Get Moving!

Physical activity is a major component of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity includes anything that keeps you moving such as walking, dancing, skipping, jumping, swimming, bicycling, or doing housework or yard work. All activities can be modified to meet individual needs and abilities. Maintaining an active lifestyle can have a positive impact on general health plus is related to stress reduction, increase in energy, and enhanced concentration and sleep. 


Types of Physical Activity

Adults need at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of moderate-intensity, or 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) of vigorous-intensity, physical activity each week. This can be accomplished with short bouts of movement, for example taking 10-minute movement breaks several times a day. 

Types of activities include:

Aerobic activities (meaning “with oxygen”) increase your heart rate and make you breathe harder. Common aerobic activities include running, jogging, brisk walking, bicycling, and swimming.

Muscle-strengthening activities also help bones and joints. The most common example is weight training, but working with resistance bands (stretch bands), climbing (rope climbing, rock climbing), and certain exercises all contribute to overall strength. These activities also help with posture and injury prevention.

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Physical Activity Resources

Check out some of these valuable resources for additional information.

You should check with your healthcare provider prior to starting any exercise program and check out the physical activity guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.