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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Adolescents and Young Adults

Contact the Child and Adolescent Health Program

  •  850-245-4475



    Mailing Address

    Child and Adolescent Health Program 

    4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin A13 

    Tallahassee, FL 32399 

Adolescents are an integral part of Florida’s communities bringing energy, innovation and strength to our state.  The transition from childhood to adulthood is an important phase bringing challenges to navigate and milestones to celebrate.  The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of adolescents through integrated state, county, and community efforts.  

Adolescence includes physical, mental, emotional and social developments that require intentional support.  Changes that occur between the ages of 10 and 25 happen rapidly.  Often the focus is on puberty during this time, but young people are also developing new brain patterns, social boundaries, and emotional resilience that can prepare them for adulthood. 

For more detailed information, click on the link below that best describes you.

  • Young Adolescents (10-13)
  • Middle Adolescents (14-18)
  • Young Adults (19-25)
  • Parent or Guardian of an Adolescent is a website dedicated to resources and strategies to put an end to all types of bullying.

The Health and Human Services Office of Population Affairs shares information on adolescent development. On this page you may also access A Guide to Healthy Adolescent Development created by John Hopkins University. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a website dedicated to fact sheets on topics ranging from Bullying to Health Services for Teens.

The Health and Human Services Office of Population Affairs shares information on healthy dating and romantic relationships

One Love offers information on healthy relationships, including signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Peer pressure can be a big topic for teenagers.  On the Health and Human Services Office of Population Affairs website you can find information on peer pressure and what to expect.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dedicates a webpage to information on sexual risk behaviors.  Visit this page to learn more about HIV, STDs and teen pregnancy.

Substance use by teens can have a big impact on their health and well-being.  On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s webpage dedicated to teens substance use and risk, you can learn more about the prevalence of substance use among teenagers.

Are you worried about a friend? Dealing with a bully? Or going through a rough break up?  Your Life Your Voice is a website with information on how to help with tough situations.

Do you have questions about your relationship? Visit Love is Respect to learn more about healthy relationships and personal safety. is a website for teens (and their parents) going through common adolescent development issues.  Their goal is to educate and bring awareness to teens about various issues they could be going though.

The Office of Populations Affairs as a webpage dedicated to adolescent health.  This includes the optimal health of adolescents and adolescent development.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a webpage dedicated to teen pregnancy.  This page was designed with input from teens.

Want to learn more about positive parenting tips? Emotional and social changes your child may be experiencing? Or their developmental milestones?  Check on the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention’s page on middle childhood and what to expect.

The U.S. Department of Education has a webpage dedicated to helping your child through early adolescence. This page discusses friendships and how to help your child resist peer pressure.

My Plan, My Future

  • Thinking of your future?
  • Graduating soon?
  • Thriving with a specific healthcare need?
  • Trusted adult supporting a teenager?
  • Adolescent to Adulthood Printout
  • is a comprehensive source for all youth topics. Check it out to connect with your specific needs and interests.
  • Whether you’re completing volunteer hours for graduation, for your resume, for college applications, or just volunteering for the greater good, Volunteer Florida is a helpful place to start. Use the search engine to explore opportunities statewide based on your interests, location, availability, and more.
  • Getting ready to drive on your own? Be prepared by reviewing the State of Florida Driver's License Information page.
  • Becoming a young adult means new responsibilities; visit our resource on How to Make a Doctor's Appointment to get comfortable with the process of scheduling your own healthcare.
  • Get a head start and begin planning your post-graduation future by visiting the Florida Department of Education College and Career Planning site.
  • Taxes may seem like a confusing part of your future, but it’s important to learn how they work. Check out the IRS’s guide to Understanding Taxes for Students to get prepared.
  • The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity hosts a list of their Workforce Programs online; take a look and see if there is a good career fit for you.
  • Entering the workforce means you will need a resume; utilize this Resume Builder tool to learn the format and craft your own.
  • Interested in serving our country through one of our branches of the military? Start your research by reading this resource: Join the US Military.
  • Interested in making a difference through volunteer service in our country? Check out the Americorps program, or if you are seeking such an experience abroad, the Peace Corps program.
  • Interested in continuing your education at a college or university? This Step-by-step Guide to Applying for College breaks the process down for you.
  • The Common App allows you to create one base college application that you can submit to their partners of over a thousand colleges worldwide.
  • If you are applying for college, we highly encourage you to review Florida Student Scholarship & Grant Programs and Federal Student Aid to research financial aid for your education journey.


  • Florida’s Project 10: Transition Education Network is a statewide organization focused on facilitating safe and successful secondary transitions for young people with disabilities.
  • Florida Youth to Adult Transition - FLY2AT is Childrens Medical Service’s landing site for their program’s toolbox of resources for successful transition from pediatric to adult health care for all youth and young adults in Florida, including those with disabilities, chronic health conditions, or other special health care needs.
  • Visit the Florida Department of Education’s Exceptional Student Education Secondary Transition page for information on how our schools and those involved can help ensure a smooth transition for young people.
  • The Family Network on Disabilities can connect you to Florida resources, programs, events, and fellow families to supplement your journey in raising your loved ones with special healthcare needs.
  • Got Transition is a sample transition readiness assessment for your youth to gauge where they are and what their needs are in terms of navigating their health as a young adult.
  • The Center for Parent Information and Resources is an online hub for Parent Centers nationwide that support families of children with disabilities.
  • The Department of Labor has an online collection of resources for Preparing Youth with Disabilities for the Workforce to get your young person ready for employment as an adult.