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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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bomt-arp-2020.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... therapist: qualifications; 64B7-29.002 licensure; endorsement. Qualifications; 64B7-29.003 Massage Apprenticeship Training Program; 64B7-29.004 Termination; 64B7-29.006 Change of Sponsoring massage Therapist; 64B7-29.007 Apprenticeship Program ...
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boom-arp-2020.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... (Gen. 456.013, and 459.0055, F.S. Clarify, Simplify, Increase application) Efficiency, Update Forms 64B15-12.005, F.A.C., (Limited 456.013, ...
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qmr-1-11-12.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... vendor can Over the last several days, DOH has received phone calls download the application on DOH's website. from practitioners and patients stating that pharmacies have refused to ...
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fdoh-arp-2023.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... Failing CMTL TestinClarify 64-4.XXX, Food Safety Good Manufacturing Practices ... Clarify 64C-2.004, Safety Net Program Increase efficiency 64C-6.001, ... Definitions Clarify 64-4.002, Initial Application Requirements for Dispensing Organizations ...
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boards-arp-2023.pdf [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... and 64B8-56.002, F.A.C. Electrolysis Training Programs) 64B8-56.002, F.A.C., ( ... ), Simplify, clarify, increase Applicable to Disciplinary Orders (4 ), ...
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Secretary's Stationary [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... cannot even disclose that you are his/her patient without this authorization (if applicable) . The Department will acknowledge receipt of your complaint/report by letter ...
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... supervisor must hold a Florida medical physicist license in the appropriate specialty to supervise the applicant for licensure. Applicant for Physicist-In-Training: ____ Last/Surname First Middle ...
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... General Vision: To be the Healthiest State in the Nation Change of Name for Applicants/Current Licensees Name changes require legal documentation showing the name change. To ...
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... General Vision: To be the Healthiest State in the Nation Change of Address for Applicants/Current Licensees Did you know you can update your address online? Current ...
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Mandatory 456.0635 Insert [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
... have you successfully completed a drug court program that resulted in the plea for the ... / MEDICARE FRAUD QUESTIONS IMPORTANT NOTICE: Applicants for licensure, certification, or registration ...
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