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CL App. F (Operating Pro.) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Operating Procedures
... presence of individuals who have received the training described above; and C. Complete applicable hazmat employee training as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation in Title ...
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CL App. A (MOP) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Member of the Public Dose Compliance Study
... The below marked box indicates how this procedure has been utilized: ( New license applicant: the procedure describes the methodology that will be used to conduct the MOP ...
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CL App. M (Leak Test) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Leak Testing Procedure
... an interval not in excess of six months. Deviations from this interval, as applicable, are identified in the attached supplement along with the specific criteria specified in ...
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CL App. I (Cont. Control) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Contamination Control
... and capable of measuring dose rates as low as 0.1 millirem per hour, if applicable. IV. Action Levels and Decontamination A. The action levels for removable ...
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CL App. I (Bioassay) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Tritium Bioassay
... .), and sections 64E-5.307 and 64E-5.315, F.A.C., a bioassay monitoring program is established to assess the internal exposure resulting from the use of unsealed radioisotopes ...
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CL App. R (Inst. Calibratel) [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Radiation Detection Instrumentation Calibration Procedure
... of Unsealed Sources and the Contamination Control Program. 2. Assigned personnel dosimetry devices ... individuals performing instrument calibrations shall abide by applicable Rules of Use of Unsealed Sources and ...
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Notification and Reporting Procedure
... training in administration of a radiation protection program is recommended. B. Vacating Premises ... BRC in writing, and submit an application for a new license within 30 – ...
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CL App. P (Records) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Record Retention Procedure
... active amendments and supporting documents) Until termination of license 64E-5.901 Provisions of radiation protection program Until termination of license 64E-5.335(2 ) Rad. protection program/ALARA ...
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CL App. D (Training) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
Radiation Safety Training Program
... be conducted in accordance with a training program that has been approved by the Florida ... . Sections II - IV describe the applicability of and regulatory requirements for each type ...
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CL App. B (ALARA) 1-25-07 [Documents (PDF, Word, etc.)]
ALARA Policy
... implementation and operation of a radiation protection program that applies the ALARA philosophy of minimizing ... will adhere strictly to policies and procedures applicable to activities involving radiation sources, and ...
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