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Substantial Amendment to the Florida State Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) Program Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Action Plan for HOPWA-CV Funds

Unique Appendices for the Substantial Amendment to the Florida State HOPWA Program Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Action Plan for HOPWA-CV Funds

The additions/changes pertaining to the Florida State HOPWA Program are highlighted in yellow.

A logo that says "Housing for Better Health"Are you in need of housing assistance? Visit our "Housing for Better Health" website to learn about HOPWA services in your area. You can even take a pre-screening survey to see if you qualify for services.

Below, you will find contact, programmatic, and policy information about housing services provided to eligible persons with HIV/AIDS through the State HOPWA Program.

The Florida State HOPWA Program Policies and Procedures

HOPWA Reporting Requirements
State HOPWA Income Eligibility Worksheet, and Tenant Income and Rent Calculation Worksheet

These documents were created to provide uniform, consistent guidance on the Florida State HOPWA Program to assist local HOPWA project sponsors, County Health Departments, case management agencies, DOH staff, and any other parties responsible for the implementation of the day‐to‐day activities of the HOPWA program. These policies and procedures provide more detailed clarification for current activities, and serve as comprehensive guidance on the implementation of long‐term permanent housing as a statewide activity. Standardization of these HOPWA policies and procedures improves service delivery, provides for fair and equitable access to services, and alleviates problems of inconsistency associated with local program guidelines.

Key Housing Websites These Websites provide links for additional Federal and State Resources

  • Federal Resources
  • State Resources

24 CFR PART 574 HOPWA was created through the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990, and authorized by the AIDS Housing Opportunity Act of 1992.  It is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); and the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (OHH) at HUD Headquarters (Office Community Planning and Development). HOPWA Regulations 24 CFR 574 provide the requirements and framework for the HOPWA Program and should be referred to as needed.

NOTICE CPD 06-07 This Notice was issued August 3, 2006 and cross references 24CFR part 574 which covers short-term and permanent housing assistance and waiver information. This notice provides standards for HOPWA short-term rent, mortgage and utility payments and connections to permanent housing  The Frequent Questions and Answers on the last page is emphasized.
Note: HOPWA Notices are issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Planning and Development for all HOPWA grantees and Project Sponsors. This information is incorporated by references into the State HOPWA contracts and provides updated policies and procedures for the State HOPWA Program.  All HOPWA Project Sponsors should routinely read the Notices.

The HOPWA STRMU Assistance guide (November 2015) complements HUD Notice CPD 06‐07, and offers updated guidance for providing Short‐Term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility (STRMU) assistance under the HOPWA program.  The information presented in this document defines the qualifications for STRMU assistance, outlines the use of HOPWA funds for STRMU, describes methods to determine the qualified period of assistance, and explains the waiver process. 

THE HOPWA GRANTEE OVERSIGHT GUIDE (August 2010) provides grantees and project sponsors with an understanding of the various federal laws and regulations that govern the use of HOPWA resources, while providing guidance and tools to conduct compliance reviews and identify corrective actions, as needed.




HOPWA Flyer This flyer provides a description of HOPWA, the services, qualifications and contact information for the 11 HOPWA Project Sponsors statewide.

State HOPWA Program Service Areas Map This color-coded statewide Florida map provides contact and service areas by region.

This color-coded statewide Florida map provides contact and service areas by region for City HOPWA EMSAs.