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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.

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Mitigation Individuals

Radon and Indoor Air Program

Certified Radon Mitigation Specialists and Technicians

This list of Florida certified radon mitigation specialists and technicians is provided so you may confirm that the individual providing professional radon services is currently certified. Businesses and Individuals are certified to provide services statewide (some may provide services in smaller geographic areas). 

It is a violation of Chapter 404, Florida Statutes and Chapter 64E-5, Florida Administrative Code to provide radon services without having a valid radon certification from the Florida Department of Health, and affiliation with a certified business. Businesses and individuals will be fined or may lose their certificates for non-compliance.

Use the list of Florida Certified Radon Mitigation Businesses to hire a radon-testing provider. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the business or individuals providing radon services, please contact the Florida Department of Health by telephone (800)-543-8279, or mail.

List last updated on: 4/28/2016

Mitigation Specialists

Name City, State Expiration Date
Atwood, Harry C. Patrick AFB, FL 12/20/2014
Bailey, Shane Bonita Springs, FL 11/22/2016
Becker, Alvin R Bradenton, FL 9/8/2016
Berger, Stephen Atlanta, GA 4/11/2017
Boik, Richard S. Apopka, FL 8/24/2016
Booeshaghi, Farhad Tallahassee, FL 9/8/2016
Davenport, Tony Jacksonville Beach, FL 3/10/2017
Davis, Clinton C. Miami, FL 10/1/2016
Dean, Jr., Wayne P. Naples, FL 6/28/2016
Deerey, Art J. Naples, FL 6/22/2016
Drake, Bart J. Marco Island, FL 12/16/2016
Flemming, Michael Tallahassee, FL 11/15/2016
Garofalo, Ralph J Naples, FL 3/21/2017
Gaskin, Donald Ray Matthews, NC 1/17/2015
Greene, Robert B. Tampa, FL 2/5/2017
Greene, Sr., Kenneth E. Odessa, FL 3/25/2017
Harbin, John Tallahassee, FL 1/27/2017
Hassler, Jr., John Douglas Tallahassee, FL 1/27/2017
Hastings, John Boone, NC 12/16/2016
Howell, Jeff Atlanta, GA 12/20/2016
Howell, Kurt Gainesville, Fl 9/20/2016
Howell, Terry E. Atlanta, GA 5/16/2016
Hutchins, David S. Crystal River, FL 5/7/2017
Jimenez III, Oscar Pensacola, FL 4/11/2017
Levin, Alon Fort Lauderdale, FL 12/16/2016
Levy, Harold William Stuart, FL 5/7/2016
McDonough, Susan E. Lakeland, FL 12/21/2016
Mighell, Gary Naples, FL 11/15/2016
Milliken, Robert Ft. Myers, FL 4/5/2017
Mills, Daniel J. Bonita Springs, FL 11/26/2016
Mongan, Brenton Lee Naples, FL 11/3/2016
Moore, Merle O. Naples, FL 9/29/2016
Osley, Paul L. Lakeland, FL 8/22/2015
Otazo, Julio O. Miami, FL 3/19/2017
Oven, Jr., Raney A. Tallahassee, FL 9/8/2016
Oven, Raney William Tallahassee, FL 1/27/2017
Pace IV, James G. Tallahassee, FL 4/21/2017
Raphael, Jacques Belleview, FL 1/10/2017
Rosario, Ramon Douglasville, GA 6/23/2016
Shay, James J Candler, FL 12/26/2016
Shinall, Christopher S. Jacksonville Beach, FL 4/5/2017
Simmons, Kevin D Valrico, FL 12/3/2016
Smith, Douglas Kirk Tampa, FL 6/30/2016
Winslow, P.E., Kelly Stuart, FL 11/18/2016
Wirtjes, Steve Bonita Springs, FL 4/21/2017
Yacobacci, Gene Naples, FL 5/16/2016
Zeyrek, Omer Miami, FL 1/27/2017

Mitigation Technicians

Name City, State Expiration Date
Shirey, Todd P. Tallahassee, FL 1/27/2016
Ulrich, Christopher Ocala, FL 7/29/2016
Webb, Michael G. Hollywood, FL 12/21/2016