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Laser Information

Electrolysis Council


The Florida Electrolysis Council and the Florida Board of Medicine have approved proposed amendments to Rule 64B8-56.002, F.A.C., Equipment and Devices; Protocols for Laser and Light-Based Devices. If made effective in rule, these amendments would allow prospective Electrologists to offer epilator, laser and light-based hair removal services upon completion of a Council-approved combined pre-licensure training program and passage of the state licensure exam on both modalities. As of January 2019, revisions to the required Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs (SERC) for the proposed amendments is being provided to the next required committee for review. This page will be updated as new information on the progress of rule development is received.


Until these proposed changes are made effective, Electrologists are allowed to perform laser and light-based hair removal ONLY if they have completed the requirements below.

  • Completed a 30-hour continuing education course approved by the council pursuant to Rule 64B8-52.004, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). Please use the "Course Search" function for Electrologists at to locate an approved course or course provider.
  • Certified in the use of laser and light-based hair devices for the removal or reduction of hair by a national certification organization approved by the Electrolysis Council and the Board of Medicine, which is the Society of Clinical & Medical Hair Removal, Inc. (SCMHR). **The contact person for the CME exam is Lisa Nelson 608-443-2470.
  • Are using only the laser and light-based hair removal or reduction devices upon which they have been trained; and
  • Are operating under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician properly trained in hair removal and licensed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 458 (Medical Doctors), or 459, F.S. (osteopathic physicians). See section 348(3), Florida Statutes (Medical Practice Act).

Additional Requirements:

  • The supervising physician and the Electrologist shall develop jointly written protocols as described in Rule 64B8-56.002(4), F.A.C., and furnished to the council office prior to beginning the practice of laser hair removal. Sample protocols (pdf)
  • The Electrologist must make sure they are following Rule 64B8-51.006, F.A.C., as it sets forth what is required of a licensed electrology facility where laser and light-based hair removal is performed.

Direct Supervision of Licensed Electrologist Who Are Qualified to Provide Laser and Hair Removal Service:

This statement serves to clarify and dispel any rumors there may be concerning the requirement of the direct supervision of qualified electrologists to perform laser hair removal and reduction. The rule currently requires a physician licensed under Chapter 458 or 459 to provide direct supervision of an Electrologist certified to perform laser hair removal or reduction. This rule has been in place since the rule's creation on September 12, 2001.

Related Statutes and Rules:

  • Rule 64B8-56.002,Florida Administrative Code, Equipment and Devices; Protocols for Laser and Light-Based Devices:Current Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs (SERC) for Proposed Rule Amendments as of January 2019
  • Rule 64B8-52.004, Florida Administrative Code, Requirements for Approval of Continuing Education Courses for Laser and Light-Based Hair Removal or Reduction
  • Rule 64B8-51.006, Florida Administrative Code, Rule Governing Licensure and Inspection of Electrology Facilities (see (3)(g))
  • Section 458.348(3), Florida Statutes, (Board of Medicine) Formal supervisory relationships, standing orders, and established protocols; notice; standards.

Removal of Professional Liability Coverage Requirement for Electrologists Performing Laser Hair Removal Services

Effective November 4, 2014, Rule 64B8-56.002, Florida Administrative Code, Equipment and Devices; Protocols for Laser and Light-Based Devices, has been modified to remove the requirement for Electrologists to maintain professional liability coverage for incidents arising from laser usage. Please take a moment to review the (current version of the rule.) hyperlink to this page: