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Continuing Education

Council on Radiation Protection

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements
12 Hours Total are Required for Radiologic Technologist

Required Subject Area Required Number of Hours Important Information
General Hours 12  
HIV/AIDS Educational Course 1  

HIV/AIDS Educational Course

Board Rule Approved Providers
Other Methods of Obtaining Continuing Education per Biennium
  • No other methods for this profession

Helpful Information
  • No more than 3 of the 12 CE's may be classified as personal development, which are courses not directly related to your field of practice, such as CPR.
  • The balance of hours must be classified as technical radiation protection, equipment operation, etc.
  • All continuing education used to renew a certificate must have been earned in the current renewal cycle and the same course cannot be repeated in the same cycle.
  • The ASRT submits CE information to FL monthly (approximately mid-month) for their members who hold current Florida certification.
  • If you have received your renewal notice and your CE information is not current, you may fax CE to our office at (850) 921-6365. We cannot accept CE from you except during this period.