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Licensure Methods and Exam Requirements 

You should not submit your application until you are ready for licensure. That means that the education, experience, and a passing score on the examination have already been completed.

NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2020, HB 713 (2020), Health Regulation will impact the methods of application for school psychologist licensure as outlined below.  Please note the updated application form reflecting these changes will be made available once effective in Rule 64B21-500.002, Florida Administrative Code.

  • The Endorsement of Other State Licensureapplication method will no longer be an option.
  • The 20 Years of Licensed Psychology Experience method will become the 10 Years of Licensed PsychologyExperience application method. Persons applying under this method must demonstrate possession of a doctoral degree in psychology, accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) at the time of her or his enrollment and graduation, and at least 10 years of experience as a licensed psychologist in any jurisdiction or territory of the United States within the 25 years preceding the date of application.

Methods of Application  

There are four methods of application for licensure as a school psychologist in Florida. Please note that holding licensure in another state does not mandate one method over another. You must consider the process for each method and determine the best method of application for your qualifications and circumstances.

Examination: This method means you are applying for licensure based on education, experience and examination in compliance with the laws and rules.

Endorsement of ABPP Diplomate Status: This method means you are applying based on possession of diplomate status in good standing with the American Board of Professional Psychology, Inc.

Endorsement of 10 Years of Licensed Psychologist Experience: 

This method of licensure requires the applicant possess a doctoral degree in psychology and have at least 10 years of experience as a licensed psychologist in any jurisdiction or territory of the United States within the 25 years preceding the date of application. A doctoral degree in psychology means a Psy.D., an Ed.D. in psychology, or a Ph.D. in psychology from a psychology program at an educational institution that, at the time the applicant was enrolled and graduated had: institutional accreditation from an agency recognized and approved by the United States Department of Education, or, was recognized as a member in good standing with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada; AND had programmatic accreditation from the American Psychological Association.

Statute and Rule References 

Specific licensure requirements can be found at sections 490.005 and 490.006, Florida Statutes, and Rule 64B21-500, Florida Administrative Code.


Completion of graduate level school psychology education as outlined in Rule 64B21-500.009, Florida Administrative Code.


Successful completion of three years of school psychology experience:

  • One (1) year of experience consists of 1500 hours within twelve (12) consecutive months.
  • Two (2) years of the three (3) year requirement shall consist of supervised experience.
  • All supervised experience shall be performed by a certified or licensed school psychologist in any jurisdiction or a licensed psychologist.
  • The third year can consist of general experience.
  • Doctoral internships may be applied toward the supervision requirement.
  • Non-doctoral internships, which are part of the education requirement, do not count toward the supervised or general experience requirement.


The specialty area examination in school psychology developed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) (Praxis for School Psychologists). In order to be eligible for licensure, all candidates must receive a passing score. Persons who have applied for and taken the licensure examination and who have official documentation of a passing score submitted to the Department shall be deemed to have successfully completed the licensure examination.  Official documentation of a passing score is defined as 1) the original score report issued directly by ETS (see further instructions below); 2) the score report provided by the licensing agency of another state or territory of the United States; or 3) a score confirmation letter from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) provided directly from the NASP to the Department without any qualification, reservation, or irregularity.  In order to be acceptable under this section, such score must have been obtained subsequent to March 1, 1988.

If you completed the exam less than 10 years ago, you may contact ETS at (609) 771-7395 or to have your score electronically transmitted to this office. The current test code is 5402. The destination code is R7114.

Please note that if you passed the Praxis for School Psychologists exam more than 10 years ago, you have the alternative submission options enumerated above.

Minimum Passing Scores
Exam taken from September 2014 to Present: 147
Exam taken between September 2008 – August 2014: 165
Exam taken prior to September 2008: 660


Non-refundable application processing fee$175.00
Initial licensure fee$175.00
Unlicensed activity fee$ 5.00
Total application fee to be submitted$355.00

Make checks, cashier’s check, or money orders payable to the Department of Health. Applicants must submit $355.00 to the Department of Health regardless of application method.

The mailing address for applicants to send applications with fees is:

Department of Health
P.O. Box 6330
Tallahassee, FL 32314-6330