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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.

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Healthcare Coalitions

Contact the Bureau of Preparedness and Response

  •  850-245-4040

    Mailing Address

    Florida Department of Health 

    4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin A23 

    Tallahassee, FL 32399 

Healthcare Coalitions in Florida—Building Local Capacity 

Welcome to the Florida Department of Health’s Healthcare Coalition (HCC) Resource Center.  This site contains information to be used as a resource for developing new HCCs and expanding and cultivating several existing Healthcare Coalitions in Florida.

National Guidance for Healthcare System Preparedness 2017-2022

The development and sustainment of HCCs is a federal initiative and a requirement of the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Cooperative Agreement funded by the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).  The purpose of HCCs is to ensure that local providers and other health care partners plan collaboratively for the risks facing the health care community and identify available local resources.

Florida Healthcare Coalitions and Contacts map
Healthcare Coalition Task Force Guiding Principles
Healthcare Coalition Executive Summary
Healthcare Coalition Requirements
2016-2017 HPP/PHEP Funding Opportunity Announcement

Healthcare Coalition Task Force Meeting Minutes 

The information in this section includes minutes from Florida Healthcare Coalition Task Force (previously titled Healthcare Coalition Statewide Working Group) meetings.



Hospital Contracts 

Hospital Preparedness Program Contracts from the Florida Department of Health are offered annually to Florida's hospitals allocated funds by their Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF) Health and Medical Co-Chairs. These contracts are commonly referred to as ASPR (Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response) contracts due to their funding source.

Contact Information

Contract Unit Mailing Address:
4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin # A-23
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1738

Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Mutual aid and Other Partnerships 

This section includes sample mutual aid and other agreements for shared resources, guidance, and other tools to assist hospitals in developing and implementing partnerships and collaborations for community medical surge capacity and capability.     

American Hospital Association Model Mutual Aid MOU

CDC Sample Mutual Aid Agreement

California Hospital Association–Model Hospital Mutual Aid MOU       

State of Wyoming Sample Mutual Aid Agreement Template

Trainings and Exercises 

This section includes training resources within the state of Florida and the federal government. Some of these trainings may offer certificate, CEUs, and/or CME credits at no cost to the participant.  Statewide training schedules are also available in this section.

Emergency Management Institute: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
•    Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Preparedness Training and Exercise Calendar
•    Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP)

Florida Department of Health TRAIN Florida–Online Learning Management System
TRAIN Florida is a learning management system (LMS) for professionals who protect the public's health.  It is a free service of the Public Health Foundation.

Module 1: Introduction to Alternate Care Sites (ACS) for Medical Surge in Florida
An Introduction to ACSs is the first of three modules being presented by the Florida Department of Health's Bureau of Preparedness and Response.  The purpose of the modules is to assist first responders and emergency personnel in the preparations of setting up and operating an ACS in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

Florida State Emergency Response Team (SERT) Training Resources and Activity Center (TRAC) 

Long-Term Care 

This section includes links to online tools and resources to provide assistance for those in the long-term health field and/or needing assistance for aging individuals.

California Association of Health Facilities
•     Nursing Home Incident Command System (NHICS) 

Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration: Emergency Resources

Florida Health Care Association (FHCA)
•    FHCA Facility Locator

Home Care Association of Florida

Emergency Medical Services 

This section includes information for use by first responders and emergency personnel.

Training Module: Introduction to Alternate Care Sites for Medical Surge in Florida—See Training and Exercise section

State Emergency Responders and Volunteers of Florida (SERVFL)

To request a copy of the ‘Disaster Medical Protocols’ CD, please click the following link Be sure to include a name, mailing address, and contact number and a CD will be forwarded to the appropriate destination(s).

Health Care Systems 

This section includes links to online tools and resources for health care systems and their partners to aid in health care coalition development.

California Hospital Association
•    Emergency Operations Plan
•    Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
•    Memoranda of Understanding

Florida Department of Health: Health Care System Preparedness

Rural Health 

This section includes links to online tools and resources to assist with coalition development in rural areas.

Florida Department of Health: Local Health Department Coalition Development Tool

Rural Health Networks in Florida

State and Federal Partners 

This section includes links to online tools and resources from state and federal partners.

American Healthcare Association Disaster Preparedness

American Hospital Association (AHA)    

American Red Cross Assistance
—Get assistance with finding a local shelter and locating loved ones in the event of a disaster 
•    American Red Cross Disaster and Safety Library

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Emergency Preparedness and Response 
•    CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response–Preparation and Planning

Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration: Facility/Provider Locator

Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC)

•    Emergency Management Resources–FACHC

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Florida Division of Emergency Management
•    Floridians can find their local evacuation, storm surge and flood maps on the public mapping page of
•    Maps are also available via the Division of Emergency Management's geospatial mapping tool, GATOR, at
•    Florida County Emergency Management Contacts

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
•    Continuity of Operations templates–FEMA
•    Hazard Mitigation Assistance–FEMA

Florida Health Care Association—See Long-Term Health section

Florida Hospital Association (FHA)

State Emergency Responders and Volunteers of Florida (SERVFL)

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
•    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
•    Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
•    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
•    Emergency Management Institute
•    Federal Emergency Management Agency
•    Office of Health Affairs

Please Note: Links to resources outside of the Florida Department of Health are provided for information only.  Their inclusion does not constitute endorsements by the department.  The department is not responsible for content on any linked website. All attempts have been made to link to reliable resources, however sites and URLs are subject to change or have technical malfunctions without warning.

*Note: This page contains materials in the Portable Document Format (PDF).  The free Adobe Reader may be required to view these files.