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Trauma Center Designation

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Application Process 

To be eligible for approval as a level I, level II or a pediatric trauma center, a hospital must complete the applicable application and submit all requested information to the Department of Health, (Department) Division of Emergency Preparedness and Community Support, Bureau of Emergency Medical Oversight, Trauma Section, for review. The application requirements are outlined in Chapter 395, Part II, Florida Statutes (F.S.), and Chapter 64J-2, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

Florida Trauma Standards provided below:

Trauma Center Standards, DOH Pamphlet 150-9, January 2010

The following documents should be completed, as applicable:

Level I Trauma Center Application Manual, January 2010

Level II Trauma Center Application Manual, January 2010

Pediatric Trauma Center Application Manual, January 2010

Certificate of Approval 

Each hospital approved as a trauma center shall be issued a certificate of approval, which are incorporated by reference and available from the Department, as defined by subsection 64J-2.001(4), F.A.C.

The certificates shall include:

DH Form 2032-Z, January 2010, Level I Trauma Center Certificate of Approval
DH Form 2043-Z, January 2010, Level II Trauma Center Certificate of Approval
DH Form 1721-Z, January 2010, Pediatric Trauma Center Certificate of Approval

Renewal Notice 

At least 14 months prior to the expiration of the trauma center’s certificate, an email will be sent to eligible trauma centers’ trauma program managers of their right to submit an Application to Renew, DH Form 2032R, January 2010, form for renewal of the trauma center’s certification.

Should the hospital choose to renew the certification, a completed Application to Renew, DH Form 2032R, January 2010, form must be submitted to the Department within 15 calendar days of receipt of the email. If the hospital chooses not to renew, please refer to Florida Statute, 395.4025, (2)(d)(8).

All renewing trauma centers shall receive an on-site survey after the Department’s receipt of the completed application. Your hospital will be notified as soon as possible when the on-site survey is scheduled.
Please submit the complete DH Form 2032R, January 2010, form to the following email address:

Please send original to:

Florida Department of Health
DEPCS, Attn. Trauma Coordinator
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin A-22
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1722

  1. DH Form 2032R, January 2010
  2. Sample Renewal Email

Site Survey 

Florida’s Trauma Centers are subject to on-site evaluations to determine compliance with standards published in DOH Pamphlet 150-9, January 2010, and to evaluate the quality of trauma care provided by the hospital. The on-site evaluation is conducted by a review team comprised of out-of-state reviewers with comprehensive knowledge of trauma patient management, and experience in trauma care at a designated trauma center that has been approved by the governing body of the state in which they are licensed. The Department notifies each trauma center of the results of the site survey within 30 working days from completion of the site visit. The hospital has 30 calendar days to respond to the Department.

Patient charts to be reviewed shall be selected by the department from cases meeting the criteria listed in Standard XVIII B.2., published in DHP 150-9.

Between six and nine months prior to the date of the on-site survey, the trauma center will be notified by the Department of the date of the survey. Following the notification of the date of the survey, the trauma center’s CEO, trauma medical director and trauma program manager will be provided a package containing information to help guide the trauma center in preparation for the survey.

The following are samples of the documentation sent: 

  1. Notification Letter
  2. Preparation Document
  3. Medical Record Review Additional Information
  4. Day Agenda
  5. Survey Team
  6. Survey Team’s CVs
The following tools are used by the out-of-state survey team to determine whether the hospital is in compliance with standards published in DOH Pamphlet 150-9, January 2010:
  1. Level I Site Survey Report
  2. Level II Site Survey Report
  3. Pediatric Site Survey Report
  4. Trauma Surgeon Medical Record Review Tool
  5. Neurosurgeon Medical Record Review Tool
  6. Emergency Physician Medical Record Review Tool
  7. Trauma Nurse Medical Record Review Tool
  8. Trauma Quality Management Worksheet

Trauma Center Standards, Department of Health Pamphlet 150-9, January 2010 

Section 395.401(2) and (3), Florida Statutes, directs the Department to adopt by rule, standards for approval and verification of trauma centers. Pamphlet 150-9, January 2010, contains the trauma center standards referenced in section 64J-2.011, Florida Administrative Code.

Site Survey Deficiency Report

Within thirty (30) working days from the date of the survey, the Department will provide the trauma center the deficiency report. The trauma center has thirty (30) calendar days to respond. The deficiency action plan should be utilized by the trauma center to respond to the Department. The trauma center may modify the action plan to fit the need of the trauma center’s response.

  1. Deficiency Action Plan


The trauma center is required to complete the EPSQ and return to the DOH roughly six weeks prior to the survey.
The link below contains the EPSQ zip file, which holds the following:
  1. Instructions on how to complete the EPSQ
  2. EPSQ document
  3. File folder for documents requested in the EPSQ

The DOH sends the EPSQ to the out-of-state survey team for their review. The EPSQ is a gathering tool of information shared with the survey team prior to going on-site. The information gathered includes trauma services, outreach, research, disaster planning, demographics, quality management, physician credentials and nursing education. It is imperative that the trauma center staff follow the instructions on how to complete the document in its entirely. An incomplete questionnaire may result in unnecessary deficiencies on the day of the survey.