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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions and Answers regarding the 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators program.

1. Can I still be grandfathered in? (This clause expired October 1, 2012)

No, any individual that was not grandfathered in prior to October 1, 2012 is no longer eligible.  Per Florida Statute 401.465(2)(i) The department shall establish by rule a procedure for the initial certification of 911 public safety telecommunicators as defined in this section who have documentation of at least 3 years of supervised full-time employment as a 911 public safety telecommunicator or an emergency dispatcher since January 1, 2002. This paragraph expires October 1, 2012.

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2. When does my certification expire?

PSTs have a common expiration date. ALL PST certifications automatically expire February 1, of each odd year.   Any person who was certified August 1, 2012 or later will have a certification that expires on February 1, 2015.

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3. How do I apply for renewal?

To apply for renewal, PSTs must have completed 20 hours of continuing education based on the Department of Education’s 911 Public Safety Telecommunication Curriculum Framework, program number P090101, and submit the completed Form DH 5068 along with a business check, cashier’s check or money order for $50.  No personal checks will be accepted.

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4. What if I miss my expiration date?

Any person who does not recertify prior to February 1, of the odd year must pay both the renewal fee of $50 along with a $50 late fee. If the certificate is not renewed within 180 days of expiration, you must go through an approved training program and pass the exam to become recertified.

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5. Can I work on an expired certificate?

No, the only people who may work as 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators are those who possess an active State of Florida certificate.

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6. Do I have to take the test?

Yes, any person who wishes to become certified as a 911 public safety telecommunicator or any sworn law enforcement who wishes to perform as a 911 public safety telecommunicator on an occasional or limited basis must pass the exam.

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7. Do I have to take the 232 hours of training?

If you were employed as a 911 public safety telecommunicator, or a state-certified firefighter before April 1, 2012, you may take the exam without completing the training program requirement for certification. Upon passage of the examination, the completion of the public safety telecommunication training program shall be waived.  Those that do not fall into this category will be required to complete a department approved training program.

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8. If I don’t pass the test, do I have to pay to take it again?

Yes, there is a $75 testing fee for each attempt.

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9. I am a sworn law enforcement officer and will be working in dispatch only to give breaks. Do I have to take the test?

Yes, but sworn law enforcement officers who wish to work on an occasional or limited basis are exempt from the testing fee and the certification requirement. Per Florida Statute 401.465(2)(k); 1. The requirement for certification as a 911 public safety telecommunicator is waived for a person employed as a sworn state-certified law enforcement officer, provided the officer:

a. Is selected by his or her chief executive to perform as a 911 public safety telecommunicator;

b. Performs as a 911 public safety telecommunicator on an occasional or limited basis; and

c.  Passes the department-approved examination that measures the competency and proficiency of an applicant in the subject material comprising the public safety telecommunication program.

2. A sworn state-certified law enforcement officer who fails an examination taken under subparagraph 1. must take a department-approved public safety telecommunication training program prior to retaking the examination.

3. The testing required under this paragraph is exempt from the examination fee required under subsection (3).

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10. I am a sworn law enforcement officer who took the exam under the law enforcement exemption clause, can I become certified?

No, if you have taken the exam because you’ve been chosen by your chief executive to perform as a 911 public safety telecommunicator on an occasional or limited basis (FS401.465(2)(k) above), you have chosen to be exempt from certification.

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11. How do I get our service approved as a training center?

An agency seeking approval of their 911 PST Training Program should submit Form DH 5067, PST Training Program Application, with all applicable attachments as well as the $50 application fee.  If there are no issues with the application, the training program is approved. Form DH 5067 should be carefully read.  Information on application requirements as well as application timeframes is provided for the applicant.

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12. How do I apply to take the test?

Submit Form DH 5066, Initial Certification Application, with the $50 certification fee to the address on the application.  Once received, if all information is included, the applicant will be sent an approval to test letter with instructions on registering to take the PST exam through Prometric.

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13. Once I pass the test, do I automatically become certified?

Typically, scores are received by the program office within a couple of days of testing.  Once a passing score is uploaded into the system, a certification is issued. 

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