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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Information for Rabies Professionals

Florida Health

Disease Control
  • Information for All Professionals
  • Rabies Prevention and Control in Florida Guidance and Resources
  • Information for Health Care Providers
  • Translated Materials

Rabies Prevention and Control Guidance Documents

Rabies Advisory Committee Position Statements (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Legal Authority and Responsibilities (Posted: 3/6/2017)

Rabies Background Virus Information (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Exposure and Risk Assessment (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Animal Management (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Prevention and Control Resource Documents

List of Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Contacts (Posted: 10/29/2018)

Florida Rabies-Related Statutes and Administrative Codes (Posted: 2/14/2017)

ACIP Rabies Pre-Exposure Vaccination Recommendations (Posted: 4/14/2023)

Management of Human Patients with Possible Rabies Exposure (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Decision Tree for Healthcare Providers (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Administration Guidance and Schedule for Healthcare Providers (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Model County Health Department Rabies PEP Refusal Letter (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Confidential Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Report Form (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies and Wildlife Pets (Posted: 2/14/2017)

What You Should Know About Rabies (Rabies FAQs) (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Model Memorandum of Agreement for Rabies Control Activities (for County Health Departments and Animal Control Agencies) (Posted: 2/14/2017)

USDA-Approved Animal Rabies Vaccines (Posted: 2/14/2017)

NASPHV Rabies Vaccination Certificate (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Disclaimer Rabies Vaccination of Wild Animal or Wild Animal Hybrid (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Model Letter to Victim, to Animal Owner, and Rabies Program Home Confinement Agreement Form (Posted: 2/14/2017)
English - Spanish - Creole

Management of Animal Patients Exposed to Known or Potentially Rabid Animals; Public Health Guidelines for Florida Veterinarians (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Agreement for Confinement at a Veterinary Facility (Posted: 2/14/2017)

DOH Bureau of Public Health Laboratories Rabies Test Form and Contacts (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Bureau of Public Health Laboratories Submission Regions (Posted: 7/1/2018)

Animal Bite Report Form (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Awareness Template Press Release (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Rabies Alert Template Press Release (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Lift Rabies Alert Template Press Release (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Issues to be Addressed in Government-Sponsored Oral Rabies Vaccine Proposal (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Template Racoon Relocation Letter (Posted: 2/14/2017)

Previous Rabies Prevention and Control Guidebooks

Rabies Prevention and Control in Florida, 2014 Guidebook

Rabies Prevention and Control in Florida, 2008 Guidebook

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