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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Behavioral Health and Related Topics

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Behavioral health is a CMS initiative and state priority. CMS is focused on increasing access to behavioral health care for all children statewide especially CYSHCN.


Integrated Behavioral Healthcare (IBH)

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare is the heart of the CMS Title V Program’s approach to addressing Florida’s urgent need to improve children’s access to and quality behavioral health services, especially children and youth with special healthcare needs. It is critical that children can access behavioral health care because:

  • 50% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14
  • Children with a serious mental illness could have their lifespans shortened by 25 years
  • Florida has over 400,000 children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and developmental issues, but only about half are able to access services  

Research shows that early screening and treatment of behavioral health concerns can improve a child’s outcomes. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a national and statewide shortage of child and adolescent mental health providers. As a result, many families seek help from their primary care provider. By implementing an integrative behavioral healthcare approach, medical providers, behavioral health providers and community organizations can work together to better meet children’s behavioral health needs. The Title V program aims to provide education and technical assistance to those who are interested in learning more about engaging in Integrative Behavioral Healthcare.


Integrative Behavioral Healthcare is the care that results from primary care providers and behavioral health clinicians working with patients and families to provide patient-centered care. Service delivery models for IBH include:

  • Facilitated Referral Model: primary care professionals screen patients for behavioral health needs and work with behavioral health professionals outside of their office to provide coordinated referrals and continued care.
  • Co-Located Model: Behavioral health and primary care professional’s offices are located in the same building or complex to reduce barriers to providing coordinated care.
  • In-House Model primary care professionals and behavioral health professionals provided services as part of the same office workflow.

For more information about Integrative Behavioral Health and other related resources please visit:

Florida Pediatric Mental Health Collaborative (FPMHC)

The Florida Department of Health’s Title V program has collaborated with partners to develop a statewide behavioral health network, the Florida Pediatric Mental Health Collaborative. The purpose of the FPMHC is to increase access to pediatric mental health services by building the capacity of primary care pediatric providers through technical assistance, skills-building training, and tele-consultations. The FPMHC is the organizing body for regional behavioral health hubs (BHH). Each regional BHH has implemented an evidenced-based model of IBH that best meets their community needs. BHHs work with local primary care pediatric providers to build the providers’ capacity in mental health diagnoses, treatment, and referral of children with mental/behavioral health conditions. This work includes a needs assessment process, tailored skills building training, technical assistance, evidenced-based treatment, and telehealth consultations. Each BHH also establishes a referral network of local behavioral health providers to address the range of treatment needs a child or youth may have.

Florida Pediatric Mental Health Collaborative



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