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The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts.

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Declaratory Statements

Division of Medical Quality Assurance

Declaratory Statements

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Note:Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.)

Declaratory statements are an agency's opinion as to the applicability of a statutory provision, or of any rule or order of the agency, as it applies to the petitioner's particular set of circumstances (s. 120.565, F.S.). Below is a listing of declaratory statements. This information is provided in the most accessible electronic format possible. To request a different format of the documents on this page, please send an email to
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Final Order Number
Order Filed Date

Medicines. 456.44, FACRichard de la Cruz, M.D.; Diana C. Maccario, M.D.; and J. Michael Benfield, M.D.DOH-14-1700-DS-MQA (pdf)10/20/2014
Medicine64B8-9.014, FACJose E. Garcia, M.D.DOH-14-0226-DS-MQA (pdf)02/17/2014
Medicines. 458.3485, FS, Rule 64B8-9.014, FAC and Rule 64B8-9.003, FACJack Daubert, M.D., F.A.C.S.DOH-13-1550-DS-MQA (pdf)8/13/2013
Medicine§458.3256, FSJohn Luther Lentz, MD and J. Luke Lentz, MD, PADOH-13-0464-DS-MQA (pdf)02/28/2013
MedicineN/ARichard H. Hubbard, MDDOH-13-0471-DS-MQA (pdf)02/28/2013
Medicine§458.347, FS and Rule 64B8-30.012Timothy Hipp, M.D.DOH-12-0938-DS-MQA (pdf)06/11/2012
MedicineChapter 480, F.S.GMAC Indemnity CorporationDOH-12-0090-DS-MQA (pdf)1/27/2012
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.Gino J. Sedillo, M.D.DOH-11-3060-DS-MQA (pdf)12/14/2011
Medicine§465.0276(1)(b), F.S.Alexis P. Henderson, M.D.DOH-11-3059-DS-MQA (pdf)12/14/2011
Medicine§456.44, F.S.Ara J. Deukmedjian, M.D.DOH-11-3058-DS-MQA (pdf)12/14/2011
Pain Management Clinic§458.3265, F.S.Florida Medical Clinic, P.A.DOH-11-2607-DS-MQA (pdf)10/24/2011
Medicine§456.44, F.S.Florida Hospices and Palliative Care, Inc.DOH-11-2393-DS-MQA (pdf)10/7/2011
Pain Management Clinic§458.3265, F.S.Florida Medical Clinic, P.AN/A (pdf)8/29/2011
Medicine§458.3265 F.S. - whether the petitioner must register as a Pain Management Clinic, whether use of website to educate patients would be considered advertisementV.L. RajyaguruDOH-11-1770-DS-MQA (pdf)7/28/2011
Pain Management Clinic§458.3265, F.S.Tenet Florida Physician Services, LLCN/A (pdf)7/15/2011
Medicine§456.057, 456.058 F.S. Rule 64B8-10.002, F.A.C. - whether a physician who has terminated practice remains custodian of a patient's medical records once they have been provided to that patient, their legal guardian or their parents (if patient is a minor)Rogerio Faillace, M.D.DOH-11-1317-DS-MQA (pdf)6/15/2011
Massage TherapyRule 64B7-28.009(1)-(3), F.A.C. – requesting Board state the formal sequence for obtaining CE for renewal of the licenseDar MikulaDOH-11-851-DS-MQA (pdf)4/20/2011
Psychology§490.012(1)(c) and 490.014(1)(b) F.S – requesting interpretation of statutes and whether Petitioner’s work falls under the area of exemptionDean R. Cauley, Ph.D.DOH-11-614-DS-MQA (pdf)3/14/2011
Podiatric Medicine§461.003(5), F.S – whether the practice of offering a tetanus booster while treating chronic, non-healing lower extremity wounds is within the scope of practice   Robert G. Smith, DPMDOH-11-154-DS-MQA (pdf)1/18/2011
Massage TherapyRule 64B7-32-003, F.A.C. – whether Physical Therapy Clinical hours at Gulf Coast Community college may substitute for the required massage therapy clinical hours  Melinda Cumbaa, PT, MSDOH-11-070-DS-MQA (pdf)1/6/2011
Physical TherapyRule 64B17-9.001(6)(a), F.A.C., regarding approval of certain continuing education for creditIan Ross, PTDOH-10-2942-DS-MQA (pdf)12/29/2010
AcupunctureRule 64B1 – whether it is permissible for a licensed acupuncture physician to diagnose and treat patients via online communicationMatthew S. Enright, A.P.DOH-10-2933-DS-MQA(pdf)12/28/2010
Medicine§458.3265 F.S - whether particular advertisements require registration as a Pain Management ClinicFlorida Medical Association, Inc.DOH-10-2879-DS-MQA (pdf)12/23/2010
Department of HealthCorrected Order: §458.3265 and 459.0137 F.S – requesting interpretation related to pain management clinic registrationFlorida Medical Association, Inc.DOH-10-2879-DS-MQA (pdf)12/23/2010
Department of Health§458.3265 and 459.0137 F.S – requesting interpretation related to pain management clinic registrationFlorida Medical Association, Inc.DOH-10-2718-DS-MQA (pdf)12/14/2010
Medicine§458.3265 and 459.0137, FS.Florida Medical Association,
David McKalip, M.D.
DOH-10-2718-DS-MQA (pdf)12/14/2010
Physical TherapyRule 64B17-6.001, F.A.C, regarding removal of staples from the human bodyCecille Riggs, PTDOH-10-2603-DS-MQA (pdf)11/22/2010
Medicine§456.053(3)(h), F.SU.S. Healthworks Medical Group of Florida, Inc.DOH-10-1910-DS-MQA (pdf)8/24/2010
Physical Therapy§486.201, F.S., regarding referrals from Advanced Registered Nurse PractitionersBruce R. Wills, PTDOH-10-1902-DS-MQA (pdf)8/23/2010
Massage TherapyRule 64B7-26.001, F.A.C. – whether an osteopathic physician who employs a massage therapist needs an establishment license or whether certain medical services are considered the practice of massage  Peachtree Casualty Insurance CompanyDOH-10-0834-DS-MQA (pdf)4/6/2010
Medicine§458.3145, F.S.H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research InstituteDOH-10-0258-DS-MQA(pdf)2/11/2010
Clinical LaboratoryDeclaratory StatementCharles PeloquinDOH-17-0607-DS (pdf)04/04/2017
Clinical LaboratoryRule 64B3-2.003(19), F.A.C. – whether laboratory assistants (unlicensed laboratory personnel) create a slide for cytology procedures or FNA’s (at patient’s bedside?)Linda Valdes, MS, MT (ASCP)DOH-09-2156-DS-MQA (pdf)10/21/2009
Clinical LaboratoryRule 64B3-10.005, F.A.C. – Request for Board to specify the license category that a medical technologist must have to perform listed tests in a Donor Testing LaboratoryLucinda Ann OlivioDOH-09-2157-DS-MQA (pdf)10/21/2009
Clinical LaboratoryRule 64B3-2.003(19), F.A.C. – whether a person who places a whole blood specimen into the Biosite Triage® testing cartridge has to be licensed by the BoardIntegrated Regional Laboratories, LLC and Miami Beach Healthcare Group, LTD, d/b/a Aventure Hospital and Medical CenterDOH-09-1983-DS-MQA (pdf)9/15/2009
Opticianry§484.002(9), F.S – whether an unlicensed person could help a customer/patient pick out frames…Anthony D. RecordDOH-09-1044-DS-MQA (pdf)6/16/2009
Opticianry§484.012(2), F.S – whether an optician is obligated to dispense contact lenses to a patient who tries to order contact lenses just prior to the one-year …Charles L. HarrupDOH-09-1049-DS-MQA (pdf)6/16/2009
Medicine§458.3485, F.S.Yvonne Smallwood Scherrer, M.D.DOH-09-0320-DSMQA(pdf)3/11/2009
Psychology§ 490.0149, F.S. and Rule 64B19-18.008, F.A.C. Certification in Biofeedback by a non-approved certifying body.Ronald Rosenthal, Ph.D.DOH-09-0300-DS-MQA (pdf)3/9/2009
Medicine§456.053, F.S.Andres F. Rodriguez, M.D.
Stockwell, Reisman
Reisman, Paulk & Taylor, P.A.
Karl F. Hempel, M.D.
Tallahassee Primary Care Associates, P.A.
DOH-09-0160 (pdf)2/18/2009
Opticianry§484.013(1)(b) and 484.014(p), F.S – whether a licensed opitician can oversee a trained person and allow him or her to prepare, dispense or fit..Amy Arcand, OpticianDOH-08-2861-DS-MQA (pdf)11/25/2008
Chiropractic Medicine§460.403(9)(a) and (c), F.S – whether a licensed chiropractic physician can delegate the use of physical modalities to an unlicensed, but trained assistant.Medical Diagnostic Network, Inc., Gary Greenwood, PresidentDOH-08-2440-DS-MQA (pdf)10/28/2008
PsychologyRules 64B19-13.003(1)(i) and 13.003(2)(g) F.A.C. - provision of continuing psychological education credit for homestudy courses  approved by other Florida health care practitioner board but not the American Psychological Association (APA)Gournaris, MichaelDOH-08-0781-DS-MQA (pdf)4/22/2008
PsychologyRule 64B19-18.002, F.A.C. - qualifications to us e the title "sex therapist"Lane, Jeffrey, Ph.D.DOH-08-0780-DS-MQA (pdf)4/22/2008
Medicine§458.053, F.S.Mark P. Trolice, M.D.DOH-08-0689-DS-MQA (pdf)4/16/2008
Medicine§456.053, F.S.Jacksonville Heart CenterDOH-07-2605-DS-MQA (pdf)12/19/2007
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S. regarding marketing programsPaul Befanis, M.D.DOH-07-1805 (pdf)8/29/2007
PsychologyRule 64B19-18.004(5), F.A.C. - signing of a research program evaluation report, by a licensed psychologist, conjointly with licensed professionals from other disciplinesBennett, Demara, Psy.D.DOH-07-1200-DS-MQA (pdf)6/21/2007
Psychology§490.014, F.S. - provision of psychological service s, as an expert in a Florida civil action, by nonresident psychologist (MA)Koocher, Gerald P., Ph.D.DOH-07-0702-DS-MQA (pdf)4/27/2007
Psychology§490.005, F.S. and Rule 64B19-11.005, F.A.C. - use of employment as a clinical psychologist, in another state, towards fulfillment of post-doctoral supervised experience requirementMadura, Maryla, Ph.D.DOH-07-0701-DS-MQA (pdf)4/27/2007
Medicine§458.315, F.S. - Whether an area of critical need certificate holder provide crisis stabilization services to Project Access Foundation patients in a hospital and/or mental health setting under the auspices of the Project Access Foundation.Project Access Foundation, Linda Mendoza, M.D.DOH-06-2085 (pdf)10/31/2006
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S. - Stop Smoking ProgramStephen E. Mitteldorf, M.D.DOH-06-2084 (pdf)10/31/2006
Medicine§456.054(1), F.S. - use of disks to maintain patient medical history and emergency medical informationMy Medical CD, LTD, James K. Knight, M.D.DOH-06-2086 (pdf)10/31/2006
Psychology§947.005(9), F.S. and § 948.001(6), F.S. - qualification to evaluate and treat sex offenders in FloridaDeClue, Gregory S., Ph.D.DOH-06-0977-DS-MQA (pdf)6/5/2006
Psychology§490.003(4), F.S. - provision of psychological treatment to patients in another state, from a psychologist licensed in that state, during the periods he would be residing part-time in FloridaDielman, Marc B., Ph.D.DOH-06-0976-DS-MQA (pdf)6/5/2006
PsychologyRule 64B19-11.005, F.A.C., § 490.003(4), F.S. and § 490.005(4), F.S. - use of employment in a public high school or community college towards fulfillment of post-doctoral supervised experience requirementPodolsky, Jessica L.DOH-06-0975-DS-MQA (pdf)6/5/2006
Chiropractic Medicine§460.403(9)(a) and (c), F.S – whether a licensed chiropractic physician can delegate the use of physical modalities to an unlicensed, but trained assistant.Fred Quintana, D.C.DOH-06-0480-DS (pdf)03/08/2006
PsychologyRule 64B19-11.005(2)(c), F.A.C. - whether post-doctoral residency plan will meet the requirements for a "cohesive and integrated" training experienceZander, Thomas K., Psy.D.DOH-06-0184-DS-MQA (pdf)2/8/2006
PsychologyRule 64B19-13.003(c), F.A.C. - provision of continuing education credits to individuals attending trainings under the supervision of the facility’s traini ng director, as well as certain APA-accredited internship programsCitrus Health NetworkDOH-05-1212-DS-MQA (pdf)7/14/2005
MedicineFinancial Responsibility Requirements/Insurance CoverageRadiology Associates of South Florida, P.A., et. al.DOH-05-1085 (pdf)6/24/2005
Psychology§490.014 and §490.012(1)(a), F.S. - request for licensu re exemption to serve as a federal agency medical expert, by a psychologist licensed in another state, while semi-retired in FloridaHorenstein, David, Ph.D.DOH-05-0787-DS-MQA (pdf)5/5/2005
MedicineLaser Hair Removal/Direct SupervisionRandy Zeldin, EsquireDOH-05-0163 (pdf)02/17/2005
Medicine§458.319, F.S. and Rule 64B8-13.001(5), F.A.C./Constitute active PracticeRobert W. Patton, Jr., M.D.DOH-04-1552 (pdf)12/16/2004
MedicinePatient Self Referral Act/Providing Diagnostic Imaging ServicesTallahassee Neurological Clinic, P.A.DOH-04-0921 (pdf)08/17/2004
PsychologyRule 64B19-11.005, F.A.C. - billing as a psychiatric nurse practitioner while pursuing post-doctoral supervised experienceRobichaux-Keene, Nicole, M.S.DOH-04-0492-DS-MQA (pdf)5/13/2004
NursingSexual Battery ExamsSchollDOH-04-0039 (pdf)1/20/2004
PsychologyRule 64B19-11.005(2)(c) 2, F.A.C. - definition of "activiti es related to direct client contact" towards fulfillment of post-doctoral supervised experience requirementsRobichaux-Keene, Nicole, M.S.DOH-03-1529-DS-MQA (pdf)12/15/2003
NursingDefibrillate a PatientDavittDOH-03-1381 (pdf)11/14/2003
MedicinePatient Self Referral Act/Involves Physician Group PracticeAMT, L.L.C.DOH-03-1217 (pdf)10/20/03
Medicine§458.347(4)(e), F.S. and Rule 64B8-30.008, F.A.C. and §458.347(2), (3), (4), and (13), F.S. and 64B8-30.012, F.A.C./Allowing Physician Assistants to perform Injective Therapy under Fluoroscopic Guidance on Sacroiliac and Facet Joints under the Direct Supervision of a PhysicianOrlando G. Florete, Jr., M.D.DOH-03-1216 (pdf)10/20/03
Medicine§458.327(1)(a), F.S./Constitutes active Practice of Medicine with a Foreign CorporationEmergency Medical Associates of New Jersey, P.A.DOH-03-1018 (pdf)9/16/2003
PsychologyRule 64B19-18.006, F.A.C. - performance of a forensic evaluation to determine visitation for a minor child, after providing counseling services to the child and parentsKlein, Robert S.DOH-03-1017-DS-MQA (pdf)9/16/2003
PsychologyRule 64B19-18.004(4) & (5), F.A.C. - qualifications of a pre-doctoral student in an APA-approved program, as a psychological trainee, with regard to the use of test instrumentsBorkosky, Bruce, Psy.D.DOH-03-0721-FO-MQA (pdf)7/18/2003
Medicine§456.0375, F.S. - whether mobile diagnostic services are required to register as health care clinicsProgressive Express Insurance CompanyN/A (pdf)7/3/2003
NursingPropofolSchellhormDOH-03-0405 (pdf)4/29/2003
NursingPropofolMashour-SmithDOH-03-0408 (pdf)4/29/2003
NursingKetamineNoelkeDOH-03-0407 (pdf)4/29/2003
NursingSkin Suture PlacementHerbertDOH-03-0406 (pdf)4/29/2003
Psychology§490.005 (1)(c), F.S. and Rule 64B19-11.005(2)(a) - pursuit of supervised experience with an off-premises supervisor, in a setting without a licensed psychologist on staffAdkinson, Rhonda R.DOH-03-0153-DS-MQA (pdf)2/21/2003
Medicine§458.331(1)(t), F.S./Appropriate Standard of CareMark Rabinowitz, M.D.DOH-02-1930 (pdf)12/23/2002
Psychology§490.003(4), F.S. - provision of testing and assessment consultation services to businesses & organizations by an individual with a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology and human resources managementTallarigo, Richard S., Ph.D.DOH-02-1586-DS-MQA (pdf)10/18/2002
Psychology§490.005(1)(c), F.S. and Rule 64B19-11.005(1)(c), F.A.C. - pursuit of post-doctoral supervision in a location outside of the United States (non-military)Jensen, Phyllis K.DOH-02-1330-DS-MQA (pdf)8/28/2002
MedicineChapter 458.303(2), F.S./Services rendered under Direct SupervisionTammie L. Hilton, RNDOH-02-1292 (pdf)8/26/2002
Psychology§ 490.014(2)(e), F.S. - provision of psychological services in Florida by nonresident psychologist (CA)Derning, Timothy J., Ph.D.DOH-02-0833-DS-MQA (pdf)6/18/2002
Medicine§456.053, F.S., and §458.053, F.S., Patient Self Referral Act/Physician Assistants providing medical services under contract with the PA’s subsidiary and Humana, Inc.John Sokolowicz, M.DDOH-02-0673 (pdf)5/6/2002
PsychologyRule 64B19-11.005(3)(c), F.A.C. - clarification of the  supervisor’s responsibilities when an applicant's work is performed off-premisesVanHorn, Barbara, Ph.D.DOH-02-0548-DS-MQA (pdf)4/19/2002
Psychology§490.012(2)(e), F.S. - provision of psychological services in Florida by nonresident psychologist (CA)Owen, Robert M., Ph.D.DOH-02-0516-DS-MQA (pdf)4/15/2002
Psychology§ 490.014(1)(a) and § 490.014(2)(a), F.S. - qualification for licensure exemption as a salaried employee of a government agency and use of the title "staff psychologist"Rice, BernadineDOH-02-0517-DS-MQA (pdf)4/15/2002
NursingDiprivanSammyDOH-02-0365 (pdf)3/5/2002
NursingLaser TreatmentsSerpaDOH-02-0364 (pdf)3/5/2002
Medicine§458.319, F.S. and Rule 64B8-13.001(5), F.A.C./Renewal of License Without Examination and Payment of FeesPhillip W. Farthing M.D., J.D.DOH-02-0274 (pdf)2/21/2002
Medicine§458.F.S./Injection of Contrast Media during an MRIRichard Goldberg, M.D.DOH-02-0275 (pdf)2/21/2002
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S., 455.657, F.S., 817.505(1), F.S./Patient referral agreement between parties does not constitute violation of 458.331(1)(i) or 456.054, F.S. with no ruling on contractual agreement between partiesJames Norconk, Jr., MD, Paul H. Skaggs, MD, JoAnne W. Wernicki, MD & H. Paul Hatten, Jr., MDDOH-01-2227 (pdf)12/26/2001
PsychologyLegal Reference Not Specified - dual relationship with former clients re: writing book where client is the subjectMora, Ralph, Ph.D.DOH-01-2204-DS-MQA (pdf)12/26/2001
Psychology§490.012(2)(e), F.S. - provision of psychological services in Florida by nonresident psychologist (CA)Phenix, Amy, Ph.D.DOH-01-2203-DS-MQA (pdf)12/26/2001
Psychology§490.014(2)(e), F.S. - provision of clinical and non-clinical services in a Florida rehabilitation facility by nonresident psychologist (TX)McGee, JoAnne M.DOH-01-2092-DS-MQA (pdf)12/5/2001
Psychology§490.005(1)(c), F.S. -   pursuit of post-doctoral supervision with an off-premises supervisorDodds, Michele M., Ph.D.DOH-01-1625-DS-MQA (pdf)10/3/2001
Medicine§458.331(1)(g), F.S., 458.331(1)(i), F.S. and 817.505, F.S. /Petitioner already involved in contractual agreement relating to fee splittingHoward Tee, MDDOH-01-1207 (pdf)7/24/2001
Medicine§458.331(1)(g), F.S., 458.331(1)(i), F.S. and 817.505, F.S. /Fee Splitting See Order on Petition for Declaratory StatementKenneth Novick, MD and New Interlachen Pediatrics, PADOH-01-0896 (pdf)6/20/2001
Psychology§490.0051, F.S. & § 490.005(1)(c), F.S. - whether on-site supervision is required for a provisionally-licensed psychologist that has completed post-doctoral supervised experience requirementsOliver, JohnDOH-01-0455-DS-MQA (pdf)4/6/2001
Medicine458.315, F.S./Physicians authorized to provide medical services at correctional facilities as employees of private, for-profit subcontractors if the correctional facility is approved by the State Health Officer. Federation of Physicians and Dentists DOH-01-0418 3/27/01Federation of Physicians and DentistsDOH-01-0418 (pdf)3/27/2001
Psychology§490.012(6), F.S. - use of a pre-doctoral assistant to lead psychoeducational coursesJoffe, VeraDOH-01-0192-DS-MQA (pdf)2/21/2001
PsychologyRule 64B19-11.005, F.A.C, Rule 64B19-11.011, F.A.C. - opening a private practice, under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, after completion of doctoral internships or after obtaining provisional licensureEmery, Bret L., M.A.
and Emery, Natalie K., M.A.
DOH-01-0101-DS-MQA (pdf)1/17/2001
Psychology§490.003(4), F.S. and Rule 64B19-18.004, F.A.C. - provision of internet-base d career exploration services via the world wide webBridgewater, Lisa G., Ph.D., P.A.
Hohnecker, Laura C.  Ph.D., P.A.
Wartenberg, Carol A., Ph.D., P.A.
DOH-01-0065-DS-MQA (pdf)1/5/2001
Medicine§455.654, F.S. now §456.053, F.S./Patient Self-Referral Act involves contractual agreement not prohibited by PetitionerDavid W. Shoemaker, M.D.DOH-00-2454 (pdf)12/21/2000
Psychology§490.003(4), F.S. and Rule 64B19-18.004, F.A.C. - provision of internet- based career exploration services via the world wide webBridgewater, Lisa G., Ph.D., P.A.
Hohnecker, Laura C.  Ph.D., P.A.
Wartenberg, Carol A., Ph.D., P.A.
DOH-00-1256-DS-MQA (pdf)7/25/2000
Psychology§490.003(4), F.S. and Rule 64B19-17.002(1)(g),(s) and (t), F.S. - use of unlicensed observers (Certified Behavior Analysts), trained and supervised by a licensed psychologist, to conduct behavioral observations of public and private school studentsKaplan, Sheldon J.DOH-00-1255-DS-MQA (pdf)7/25/2000
Medicine§458.331(1)(g), (t), and (w), F.S./Standard of Care to determine whether shared treatment responsibility model is prohibitedRaymond Gabb, M.D., Yolanda C. Hernandez, M.D., Eduardo Infante, M.D., and James Yelton, M.D.DOH-00-1228 (pdf)7/13/2000
Medicine§455.654(3) and (4), F.S./Fee Splitting involving a contractual arrangement between partiesKarl Hempel, M.D. and Tallahassee Primary Care Associates, P.A. and Donald W. Dewey, M.D. and Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, III, P.L.DOH-00-1229 (pdf)7/13/2000
Medicine§458.327, F.S., §464.012, F.S., and Rule 64B8-9.007,F.A.C./Delegation and Informed ConsentJack W. MacDonald, M.D.DOH-00-0569 (pdf)4/5/2000
PsychologyRule 64B19-18.005, F.A.C. - providing treatment to a minor child where one parent in a "shared parental responsibility" arrangement has requested that treatment not be renderedKlein, Robert S.DOH-00-0562-DS-MQA (pdf)3/29/2000
PsychologyRule 64B19-11.005(1)(d), F.A.C. - pursuit of post-doctoral supervision in a location outside of the United States (non-military)Hawkins, Antonia, Ph.D.DOH-99-1568-DS-MQA (pdf)12/22/1999
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S., Fee splitting involves contractual agreement not prohibited by PetitionerRew, Rogers and Silver, M.D.’s, P.A.DOH-99-0977 (pdf)8/25/1999
Medicine§458.331(1)(g), F.S., 458.331(1)(i), F.S. and 817.505, F.S./Fee Splitting the Interveners filed a Motion to Dismiss and to see Order relating to Bakarania Declaratory StatementWilliam R. Cook, M.D. and Gary C. Courville, M.D.DOH-99-0924 (pdf)7/27/1999
Psychology§ 490.003(4), F.S., § 490.009(2)(q) & (s), F.S. and Rule 64B19-17.002(1)(q) &(s), F.A.C. - making recommendations for medications to physicians and other health care professionals who are authorized to prescribe medicationsReiff, Harry J., Psy.D.DOH-98-0837 (pdf)7/21/1998
Medicine§458.301 & 458.311John Lister, M.D.N/A (pdf)12/31/1997
Medicine§455.227(1)(q), 455.236, 455.237, and 458.331(1)(i) and (j), F.S./Fee splitting arrangement regarding ordering of medications is prohibitedJeffrey Fernyhough, M.DDOH-97-0332 (pdf)11/12/1997
Medicine§458.331(1)(i) and 817.505, F.S./Fee splitting arrangement between the parties are prohibitedMagan L. Bakarania, M.D.DOH-97-0333 (pdf)11/12/1997
Medicine§455.241(2), 455.2415, 458.331(1)(e), 458.331(1)(g), and 458.331(1)(s), F.S., Physicians Reporting Pursuant to Chapter 458.F.S./Patient-Physician relationship and reporting requirement.Robert Steinberg, M.D.DOH-97-076 (pdf)7/22/1997
Medicine§455.236, F.S. and 458.331(1)(i), F.S./Patient Self-Referral Act described by Petitioner is prohibitedAmeriPath and Alan Levin, M.D.DOH-97-022 (pdf)7/11/1997
Medicine§455.241(1), F.S./Whether or not the Petitioner should provide copies of Patient RecordsHugo Gonzalez, M.D.AHCA-97-0496 (pdf)5/2/1997
Medicine§455.227(1(q), F.S., 455.236, F.S., and 458.331(1)(i) and (j), F.S./Fee splitting arrangement between the Petitioner and an MRI center is prohibitedGeorge G. Levy, M.D.AHCA-97-0495 (pdf)5/2/1997
Medicine§458.236, F.S.Nancy Bryant, M.D.AHCA-95-01140 (pdf)8/18/1995
Medicine§458.331(1)(i)Christopher Soprenuk, M.D.N/A (pdf)8/18/1995
Medicine§455.236, F.S. - whether this Act allows Petitioner to refer patients to an optical shop of which she is sole owner.Nancy Y. Bryant, M.D.AHCA-95-00784 (pdf)6/2/1995
Medicine§455.236, F.S. - whether this Act allows Petitioners to perform imaging services on referred patients.Charles H. Wingo, M.D. and Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, Inc.AHCA-95-00693 (pdf)5/10/1995
Medicine§458.236, F.S.Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, P.A. & Charles Wingo, M.D.AHCA-95-00693 (pdf)5/10/1995
Medicine§455.236, F.S. - whether this act allows petitioner to refer patients to company they are guarantor of a loan forStephen G. Sackel, M.D.AHCA-95-00646 (pdf)4/27/1995
Medicine§458.327(1), F.S. - whether a Florida licensed physician may practice medicine under employment by an LLCSteven R. Cohen, M.D.AHCA-95-00645 (pdf)4/27/1995
Medicine§455.236, F.S.Stephen G. Sackel, M.D.AHCA-95-00646 (pdf)4/27/1995
Medicine§458.327(1), F.S.Steven R. Cohen, M.D.AHCA-95-00645 (pdf)4/27/1995
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.C. Robert Crow, M.D.AHCA-95-00405 (pdf)3/16/1995
Medicine§458.236, F.S.St. Josephs Physician Association, Inc. & Charles Cernuda, M.D.AHCA-95-00406(pdf)3/16/1995
Medicine§455.236-239, F.S.Orthopedic Center & Oliver L. Jones, Jr., M.D.N/A (pdf)2/24/1993
Medicine§458.313(1)(b), F.S.Mayo Clinic Jacksonville & Panayotis Kelalis, M.D.N/A (pdf)7/11/1992
Medicine§458.345St. Lukes Hospital Association DBA St. Lukes Hospital and Mayo Clinic JacksonvilleN/A (pdf)7/11/1992
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.Paul Speiller, M.D., DBA Multi Specialists of DeerfieldN/A (pdf)7/11/1992
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.Gary Johnson, M.D. & The Green ClinicN/A(pdf)7/11/1992
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.Barry Zaretzky, M.D.N/A (pdf)7/11/1992
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.Joseph Zeterberg, M.D.N/A (pdf)2/20/1990
Medicine§458.331(1)(i) & (n), F.S.Anthony Nowels, M.D. & Barry Kaplan, M.D. DBA Doctors Family CareN/A (pdf)2/12/1990
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.John Leikensohn, M.D.N/A (pdf)2/2/1990
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), (h), (k), F.S.Alan Altman, M.D.N/A (pdf)7/25/1989
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.William Ertag, M.D.N/A (pdf)7/12/1989
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), F.S.Coral Way Health Provider Association, Inc, Mid Miami Services Group, & Fernando Villacian, M.D.N/A (pdf)7/12/1989
Medicine§458.331(1)((k), (n)Blood Shield, Inc.N/A (pdf)3/30/1989
Medicine§458.327(1)(a) and 458.331(1)(f)Conrad Goulet, M.D.N/A (pdf)3/30/1989
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), (n), (gg)Gene Myers, M.D.N/A (pdf)10/25/1988
Medicine§458.347, F.S.Stanley Wegryn, M.D.N/A (pdf)
N/A #2 (pdf - 718kb)
Medicine§458.331(1)(j)Edmund Lundy, M.D.N/A(pdf)12/3/1987
Medicine§458.331(1)(i)Melbourne Health Association, Inc. & John Lozito, M.DN/A (pdf)11/22/1987
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), (k), (n)Alan Graff, M.D.N/A (pdf)8/18/1987
Medicine§486.171(2), F.S.Sofia Escobar, M.D.N/A (pdf)1/17/1986
Medicine§458.303David Marcus, M.D.N/A (pdf)1/30/1985
Pain Management Clinic§458.3265, F.S.Collier HMA Physician Management, LLCN/A (pdf)Unknown
Medicine§458.331(1)(i), (k), (n)Robert Goldstone, M.D.N/A (pdf)Unknown
Drugs, Devices, and CosmeticsSecond Amended Final Order on Petition for Declaratory StatementHenry Schein, Inc., Medline Industries, Inc., Cardinal Health, Inc.N/A (pdf)Unknown
Drugs, Devices, and CosmeticsAmended Final Order on Petition for Declaratory Statement Henry Schein, Inc.; Medline Industries, Inc.; Cardinal Health, Inc.N/A (pdf)Unknown
Drugs, Devices, and CosmeticsN/A Henry Schein, Inc., Medline Industries, Inc. and Cardinal Health, Inc.N/A (pdf)Unknown
Drugs, Devices, and CosmeticsPetition for Declaratory Statement or in the Alternative Petition for Rulemaking Before the Department of Health, Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics Program Addressing 499.01(2)(t), Florida Statutes Henry Schein, INC.; Medline Industries, INC.; and Cardinal Health, INC.N/A (pdf)Unknown
Drugs, Devices, and CosmeticsPetition for Declaratory Statement regarding the Department's interpretation of the statutes and rules governing inventories, or in the alternative, Petition for Variance or Waiver from Rule 64F-12.023(2)(a), Florida Administrative Code N/A (pdf)Unknown
Drugs, Devices, and Cosmetics Final Order Denying Medical Arts Pharmacy, Inc.'s Petition for Declaratory Statement regarding chapter 499, Florida Statutes, and rule 64F-12.012(3), Florida Administrative CodeMedical Arts Pharmacy, Inc.N/A (pdf)Unknown
Drugs, Devices, and CosmeticsRequest for Declaratory Statement regarding Drug Pedigrees covered in part by chapter 499, Florida Statutes, and rule 64F-12.012(3), Florida Administrative Code N/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyFinal Order - Petition for Declaratory StatementJennifer Fass, Matthew Seamon, Jennifer McMahon and Margaret MessihaN/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyFinal Order Denying Unique Pharmaceuticals Petition for Delcaratory Statement N/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyOrder Granting University of Florida’s Petition for Declaratory Statement regarding section 893.04(2)(e), Florida StatutesUniversity of FloridaN/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyOrder Granting University of Miami’s Petition for Declaratory Statement regarding rule 64B16-27.615, Florida Administrative CodeUniversity of MiamiN/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyOrder Granting Petition for Approval of University of Mexico’s Petition for Approval of Continuing Education CourseUniversity of MexicoN/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyOrder Granting Infusion Partner’s Petition for Waiver of Rule 64B16-28.113, Florida Administrative Code N/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyOrder Denying Trustees of Mease Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Mease Hospital-Dunedin’s Petition for Waiver of Rule 64B16-28.113, Florida Administrative CodeMease Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Mease Hospital-DunedinN/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyOrder Granting Petition - Approval of continuing education credit for college level work. N/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyPetition for Declaratory Statement Century PharmacyN/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyPetition for Declaratory Statement Galencare, Inc.N/A (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyN/AN/ADOH-06-1101 (pdf)Unknown
PharmacyN/AN/ADOH-07-1612 (pdf)Unknown
PsychologyRule 64B19-13.003(1)(b) F.A.C.Dr. Douglas S. Marans , Ph.D.DOH-11-1207-DS-MQA (pdf)3/4/2011
Psychology§490.003(4) F.S.Katharine Sandell Westie, Ph.D.DOH-12-0324-DS-MQA (pdf)2/16/2012
School Psychology§490.003(5)(a) F.S.Kawanza Dukes. M.S.DOH-11-456-DS-MQA (pdf)2/21/2011
MedicineRule 64B8-9.0131,FACMichael Dominic Mozzetti, M.DDOH-12-2590-DS-MQA (pdf)12/06/2012
OptometrySection 120.565, F.S., and Rule 28-105.002,FACKimberly Reed, O.D. F.A.A.O.DOH-14-1563-DS-MQA (pdf)09/16/2014
OptometryCLF-1801-2300Kenneth LawsonDOH-17-1386-DS (pdf)08/04/2017
Chiropractic Medicines. 120.565, F.S., and Rule 64B2, FACRobert Watkins, D.C.DOH-14-0051-DS-MQA (pdf)01/13/2014
NursingSupervision of an AA TraineePaul Dow, CRNADOH-06-1351-DS-MQA (pdf)4/26/2006
NursingLaceration Repair; Removal of Foreign Bodies; Administration of Local Anesthesia; Offering Wound Care; Care to Pediatric Patients; Precepting Paramedics thru Advanced Wound Care ProgramEarl Fowler, RNDOH-14-0680-DS-MQA (pdf)5/25/2014
NursingKetamineLancia L. Simmons, RNDOH-14-0356-DS-MQA (pdf)2/28/2014
NursingNitrous-OxideMargaret M. Walsh, CNSDOH-13-2183-DS-MQA (pdf)11/28/2013
NursingARNP Ordering NarcoticsCarolann Robley, ARNPDOH-14-0732-DS-MQA (pdf)5/20/2014
NursingNitrous-OxideLeslie A. Mellin, RNDOH-13-2181-DS-MQA (pdf)11/8/2013
NursingVentriculostomy FlushingLisa Bergeron, RN, MSNDOH-14-0290-DS-MQA (pdf)2/20/2014
NursingKetamineWanda GibbonsDOH-06-1556-DS-MQA (pdf)8/29/2006
NursingScreening for Pulmonary TuberculosisEunice Jones-WillsDOH-13-1121-DS-MQA (pdf)6/20/2013
Nursing"Pigtail" Chest TubesDana McCroneDOH-12-0025-DS-MQA (pdf)1/11/2012
NursingPICC Line InsertionLadena Rhoden, RN, CRNIDOH-06-1063-DS-MQA (pdf)6/22/2006
NursingIntraosseous CannulationAmanda M. Walter, RNDOH-12-1403-DS-MQA (pdf)7/9/2012
MedicineSections 458.348(3) and (6), and Rules 64B8-56.002, FAC; 64B8-51.006, FAC; 64B8-52.003, FAC; 64B8-52.004, FACSociety for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal, Inc.DOH-14-1701-DS-MQA (pdf)10/20/2014
Chiropractic Medicine120.565, FS and 28-105, FACSilvia Rosen HalpernDOH-10-2223-DS-MQA (pdf)09/17/10
MedicineSections 458.348(3) and (6), and Rules 64B8-56.002, FAC; 64B8-51.006, FAC; 64B8-52.003, FAC; 64B8-52.004, FACGary M. Reisfield, M.DDOH-15-0182-DS-MQA (pdf)02/17/2015
Medicines. 456.053, FACLawrence S. Halperin M.D.; and Covalent Medical, LLCDOH-15-0854-DS-MQA (pdf)06/15/2015
Medicines. 458.3485, FSRicardo Mejia, M.D.DOH-16-1209-DS-MQA (pdf)06/14/2016
PodiatryPetition for Declaratory StatementJimmy TrangN/A (pdf)09/16/2016
Podiatric Medicines. 120.565 F.S.Narmo L. Ortiz, Jr., DPMDOH-17-1347-DS-MQA (pdf)07/14/2017
Podiatric Medicines. 120.565 F.S.Louis M. Newman, DPMDOH-17-1385-DS-MQA (pdf)08/04/2017
NursingInjection of Dermal Fillers and Botulinum ToxinWalter LampeterDOH-17-1797-ds-mqa (pdf)10/02/2017
Physical TherapySection 482.021(11), Florida Statutes, regarding Dry NeedlingRobert StanboroughDOH-17-1605 DS (pdf)08/30/2017
NursingRegistered Nurses' procedural roles in the placement of a Percutaneous EndoscopicDaniel SforzaDOH-17-1896-DS-MQA (pdf)10/24/2017
NursingAdministration of Ketamine by a Registered NurseAmberly L. PortoDOH-17-1390-DS-MQA (pdf)08/07/2017
NursingAdministration of Ketamine by a Registered NurseRichard P. Pearson, RNDOH-17-1282-DS-MQA (pdf)07/07/2017
Hearing Aid Specialistss. 484.053(1), F.S.Allegro CreditDOH-17-2087-DS-MQA (pdf)11/17/2017
NursingBravo Ph monitoring system without the physical presence of a physicianDabrina BlockerDOH-18-0001-DS-MQA (pdf)01/02/2018
Massage TherapyFacial Specialists providing massage servicesDiana RichardsonDOH-11-1451-DS-MQA (pdf)06/21/2011
Massage TherapyFacials fall in the definition of massageDiana RichardsonDOH-13-0539-DS-MQA (pdf)03/15/2013
Massage TherapyAdministrator of medicationJohn Thomas SweeneyDOH-13-0896-DS-MQA (pdf)05/06/2013
Massage TherapySkin beautification/facialsDiana RichardsonDOH-13-0897-DS-MQA (pdf)05/06/2013
Massage TherapyMyofascial release on the muscles of the pelvic floorJanet J. Hardy, LMTDOH-15-0441-DS-MQA (pdf)03/25/2015
Massage TherapyCold Laser Therapy of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)William M. BraceyDOH-15-1248-DS-MQA (pdf)08/11/2015
Massage TherapyWorking as an independent contractor with a mobile massage therapy companyAngela LindDOH-15-1249-DS-MQA (pdf)08/11/2015
Massage TherapyMobile Massage UnitHeather BryanDOH-15-1543-DS-MQA (pdf)10/05/2015
Massage TherapyUse of non-ablative lasersSinead E. FergusonDOH-17-1604-DS-MQA (pdf)08/30/2017
Massage TherapyLipo Laser TreatmentLynda I. SotoDOH-17-1736-DS-MQA (pdf)09/21/2017
Massage TherapyServices to residents of nursing/rehabilitation centerMichelle Lynn Miller-SchumacherDOH-17-1813-DS-MQA (pdf)10/12/2017
Massage TherapyManual Lymphatic DrainageAngela LindDOH-17-2088-DS-MQA (pdf)11/20/2017
Massage TherapyLipo Laser TreatmentLynda I. SotoDOH-18-0943-DS-MQA (pdf)05/21/2018
Massage TherapyMyofascial release of the soft tissues of the pelvic floorElena GournelosDOH-18-0944-DS-MQA (pdf)05/21/2018
NursingAPRN using "Nurse Anesthesiologist" as a descriptorJohn McDonough, APRN, CRNADOH-19-1500-DS-MQA (pdf)9/13/2019
AcupunctureFinal Order On Petition For Declaratory StatementStephanie GilDOH-20-1109-DS-MQA(pdf)07/17/2020
NursingPlacement of dermal and epidermal stitches following skin cancer removalAudra Hart, RNDOH-20-2067-DS-MQA (pdf)12/18/2020
NursingIntravenous Administration of Ketamine to Patients in the PACUKimberly J Dixon Godfrey, RNDOH-21-0485-DS-MQA (pdf)04/28/2021
NursingIntravenous Administration of Ketamine to Patients in the ICUIvan O. Tano, RNDOH-21-0486-DS-MQA (pdf)04/28/2021
NursingAdministration of low dose Ketamine for the purpose of pain control in the acute care hospital settingBetterhumans, Inc and James ClementDOH-21-0854-DS-MQA (pdf)06/23/2021
NursingAdministration of low dose Ketamine for the purpose of pain control in the acute care hospital settingTish Haight. APRNDOH-21-1128-DS-MQA (pdf)08/31/2021
NursingAdministration of low dose Ketamine for the purpose of pain control in the acute care hospital settingDiana Heese Scheb, RNDOH-22-0039-DS-MQA (pdf)01/13/2022
NursingOrdering of Radiology ExamsPatricia Ann Barranca, APRNDOH-22-0041-DS-MQA (pdf)01/13/2022
Massage TherapyTeaching Foam Rolling/Do-it-Yourself Massage Techniques to ClientsHumberto FortunaDOH-22-0665-DS-MQA (pdf)05/31/2022
NursingScope of practice of Autonomous APRNSusan Patricia Lynch, APRN, RNDOH-23-0044-DS-MQA (pdf)01/09/2023
NursingIntraosseois (IO) CanulationMilliken, Carol RNDOH-22-0817-DS-MQA (pdf)06/21/2022
NursingEvacuating and Draining a Post-Surgical SeromaDvoroznak, Angela Marie RNDOH-22-0911-DS-MQA (pdf)07/11/2022
NursingVisually-Guided Sclerotherapy, and Administration of Sotradecol and AscleraPortela, Iliana Maria RN DOH-23-0045-DS-b (pdf)01/11/2023
NursingUse of Methadone and BuprenorphineGuarino, Mary Lynn Teeter APRNDOH-22-1312-DS-MQA (pdf)10/31/2022
NursingBotox Cosmetic AdministrationJessica A. James RNDOH-23-0849-DS-MQA.pdf07/07/2023
NursingAdministration of Sub-Anesthetic Levels of IV KetamineAnn Davidson-Pohl, APRNDOH-23-1049-DS-MQA (pdf)8/23/2023
NursingAdministration of Botox Cosmetic and Derma Fillers within RN Scope of PracticeDiana Lange, RNDOH-23-1313-DS-MQA (pdf)10/19/2023
 NursingAdministration of Botox CosmeticLindsey A. Higdon, RNDOH-23-1318-DS-MQA (pdf)10/19/2023